They’re reliable and they work automatically with anything I’ve tried them with. Andrewcw, I think your questions are directed at me. Jun 6, Posts: One negative I’ve encountered is that the linux driver for the x doesn’t seem to support all of it’s WOL modes. I am aware that you could order in 3cBs with whatever valid MAC you specified, for a substantial extra fee. Thanks for the responses so far.

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I distinctly remember changing MAC addresses, so it definitely can be done, sorry to tell you H but for once you’re wrong.

Index of /pub/windows/drivers/Rede/3Com/3c905/Novo/MSLANMAN.DOS/DRIVERS/ETHERNET

Feb 27, Posts: In the 3cC, the program enable pin was used for something else I forget what and to maintain MAC integrity, the program voltage was not connected in the package.

Finally under some but only a minority linux boot discs, I saw some interesting error messages.

Starting about 5 years ago, that laptop was unstable. Anyone have any idea which cards can be modified? It’s been, what, 7 years since I posted that. One negative I’ve encountered is that the linux driver for the x doesn’t seem to support all of it’s WOL modes.


3Com drivers free download software for all devices

Thu May 07, 9: Mon May 11, 6: You wouldn’t be posting here if you did. The one I was trying it on is a 3CB. For my rather modern rigs, I just use the onboard NIC.

Discussion about old PC hardware. In my 7 box I use a Xeno Killer NIC, though reviews on the web mostly conclude the supposed extra games performance of these is hype.

Problems with 3Com 3CB, 3CC, and 3C network interface cards

Mon May 11, 8: It’s possible some cards, probably with a 3cA or 3cB, had the necessary connections to allow the program voltage to be connected 12V might have done it, and was available on ISA and to allow the program enable pin to be pulled – this’d be done by the EtherDisk utility and was so that Netware environments would not be disturbed by swapping out 3ckm NIC – you’d usually program in an NE’s old MAC. We could make a “benchmark” list or something with transfer speed and memory requirements of each card!

After googling into some old obscure web discussions, those messages led to an answer. This site hosts no abandonware. That laptop has both 3Com and Intel cards available, so from now on I prefer the 3Com.


Unless I don’t have the right utility. Now, I don’t remember exactly how, but as I posted back then and as my memory serves, I know I did do it and it did work. Latest Windows 98 I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea.

Users 3c905d this forum: Aug 17, Posts: 3cpm had a d-link that was trouble free, and an intel one. It has reserved pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is asserted.

My earlier curiosity found it using google. Be careful with these, because they aren’t actually Base cards. But for a retro game machine, it doesn’t matter. May 7, Posts: They are actually Base cards with “Base compatibility”, whatever that means.

Fri May 08, 3: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.