Sephrax View Profile View Posts. Hi, Don’t know if the AA isn’t working, but decors are horrible. Origins toolset How To: Thanks a lot Aali! I was wondering about the limited RAM cache issue. Makes you feel like they didn’t give the franchise the merit it deserved.

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Those are both good ideas, I’ll check them out and see what works.

Kranmer on Start a new discussion. Originally posted by Sephrax:. Ah you’re right, good call Kaldarasha thanks! If you are having trouble installing this mod, please graphicw to the Media section where there is a step by step tutorial video on how to install it.

The only thing that could have stopped A04 is antivirus software or not running as admin.

Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder FF7: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. It should definitely have renamed.

Bootleg: A MOD tool for PC version of Final Fantasy VII | MaxConsole

It loads custom graphics drivers for Final Fantasy 7 PC as opposed to the internal graphics drivers. Also, how does the ogg support work? Create a survival mode map in Left 4 Dead 2 How To: Please login or register. Well, I guess I should cutom that the whole transparency system for the effects doesn’t look right. Nice work Aali, gonna start testing it now quickly, works great on my laptop now as well thank you, Controller still not working in FF8.


I made a game profile that matches the psx controls, it’s on my release page. Keep it civil – Please be polite and respectful to others. I don’t know what the cutoff point is for activating AA Well, the AA definitely wouldn’t help in that case.

Which version should I play? You’re probably talking about i, which means you’re probably talking about the PAL version, which shouldn’t be compared to anything. The app log was pretty long with errors and that was only maybe 10 cudtom or so. What res are you playing at, OP?

Not only does it do this, but it allows a lot of customization which was previously unavailable of the game itself.

New Vegas All Features. Sephrax View Profile View Posts. Is the issue trying to play the original ‘s in a converted game maybe?

Submit a new link. If having the models in hi-res and the backgrounds in low-res is too jarring, one could just use the old graphics mode. Here is some video capture: Hey guys, first of all this site is amazing.



We’ll remove harassing comments, and ban repeat offenders. Maybe doubling it to or even going up to 2gb. If you kick the minigames out of the Iro files every thing should work.