If it does, you do not have everything installed correctly. Obtain the file from http: Also check the this tutorial for ideas. Another kludge is to keep moving your mouse every few minutes to eliminate the powersaver option from kicking in. I’m not sure why airodump doesn’t pick it up. Wait for a wireless client to associate with the AP.

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While auditing the security of my wireless network I decided to take a peek at what airodump-ng could display. Another thing would be, that you got a 11MB card to monitor and capture frames say a prism2.

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WEP Cracking with Aircrack

Dump file prefix -w: Do not do this. That’s the clue, this allows you to read more things out of this value. If an AP is selected or marked, all the connected stations will also be selected or marked with the same color as the corresponding Access Point. Display update delay in seconds –showack: It can be done with airmon-ng:.


If you have a GPS receiver connected to the computer, airodump-ng is capable of logging the coordinates of the found access points. Change the rate before using airodump-ng. This is done with the rmmod and modprobe wirodump.


The authentication protocol used. You might also see this channel number changing indicating that channel scanning is taking place. Plus the correct Wildpackets driver. Otherwise, by default, airodump-ng will hop between channels.

Sign up using Email and Password. It is simply the last speed seen. Press Ctrl-c to exit.

Show 99 – I Always use a VPN – Thomas d’Otreppe – Aircrack-NG – OpenWIPS-NG

There alrodump two workarounds: This is happening because your driver doesn’t discard corrupted packets that have an invalid CRC. Set channel switching method 0: Here are some possible reasons and how to correct them:. Other processes are changing the channel. In this case 24 megabits per second. The standard states that the index can be for 40bit and should be 0 for bit.

Additionally, airodump-ng writes out several files containing the details of all access points and clients seen. Lost The number of data packets lost over the last 10 seconds based on the sequence number. If it does, you do not have everything installed correctly. You cannot send in case you are sending and listen at the same time, so every time you send something you can’t hear the packets being transmitted in that interval.


What’s the meaning of the fields displayed by airodump-ng? See also this entry for recent. Now all of a sudden the RXQ drops below 90, but you still capture airodum; sent beacons. Do not use any command, process or program to connect to APs at the same time as you use the aircrack-ng suite.

Here are some possible reasons and how to correct them: It can be done with airmon-ng: