I guess this was also in Windows 7, though. Including in the OS creates standards for all peripherals. I never gave the whole hardware aspect of music production much thought, so I don’t really know much about this at all. Thanks for your comprehension and enjoy CoolSoft. I’ll add ASIO support in the future, to version 2. Send a private message to donchilcott.

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Post as a guest Name. I am using a laptop so I’m thinking this must be the limit for my current hardware. Yeah, to be honest I would have used something else if I could find anything that would work Log in or sign up in seconds.

Their ASIO did not work. Santa Cruz, Ca Posts: They had a DirectX system before which apparently was insufficient.

In any case, the cable itself is to blame, and nothing onboard the PC can change that. I’m trying to route the 8 audio outs of Maschine into Reaktor.



Increased cpu power has obsoleted separate rendering hardware, cpu’s gobbling up peripherals. Grumpy CakeMar 13, Latency got lower using Asio4All.

If so, can you suggest me some models?

This will change with Asio4all installed. Thanks for the suggestion!

How many inputs will you need. I recommend to test different settings here, playback and adjust again to find the optimal settings for your setup. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for your comprehension and enjoy CoolSoft. It works really well Win 10 x A keyboard connected directly via USB will have minimal latency.

Your name or email address: Send a private message to Zelos. Self-made music goes in the weekly miri thread sticky. Probably you use coolsoft for karaoke or playing MIDI files. Easiest of all upgrade cables to Asio4al type C and use 3. Originally Posted by Zelos. I did not bother to upgrade things previously bought to run on the new PC, for simple amateur uses.

Anyway my keyboard has the 5-pin connector, yes. It may NOT be posted simply for its own sake.


ASIO4ALL and VirtualMidiSynth — questions | CoolSoft

Welcome and enjoy the community! Although I am not sure how the really small buffer size 64 compared to with old settings is going to affect the sounds no problems yet and also while Sibelius is open, no other applications can produce sound. For “professional” or live usage you can try to lower that to 0, if your system still performs good.

Without giving a clearer idea of what you actually want to do with the interface your workflow, what you will be recording, etc.

Anyone know of any apps lurking around the net that might be able to deal with this?