Creative Labs SB Li ve! Originally Posted by mockingbird. Unfortunately, loading the modules isn’t enough; the board requires firmware files to be uploaded by the drivers — a fact that’s conspicuously absent from most online discussions. I can’t stand buying stuff from manufacturer’s that can’t even make working Windows drivers, let alone linux ones. Alternatively, you can try using cat to copy a video stream to a file, which you can then examine using tools that can handle MPEG-2 video:. The tuner manufacturer info can be found on the Asus North Amearica websight by simply going to the U. The audio stream often become corrupted when tuning channels using MythTV’s built-in channel tuner when using earlier kernels.

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Although this hardware is similar on the surface to some Hauppauge cards, the AVerTV hardware requires different drivers. This page was last modified on 28 Septemberat Find More Posts by unux What i need is the original program that would have been with it, so I qsus use the card outside of MCE, and also ashs advantage of the aux. If you do experience this problem, a little experimentation revealed a workaround: As a reference, here are the modules loaded on the reference system:.

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Yes, I figured this one out.

Asus PVR TV Card – Badcaps Forums

What a slavery that is – to confuse slavery for light, and bitter darkness for bright light. You will want to select the Lowest tv tuner in the search results. The card’s most serious problem is its unreliability with earlier kernels; in tests with 2.

Brian Murray brian-murray wrote on None however give me sound but I really bet it has to do with my intel sound since line-in isn’t adjustable in alsa-mixer.

Still not working under the following kernel: These modules are part of the standard kernel tree; the reference platforms for this wiki entry used a bit 2.

AVerMedia M150-D

It’s conceivable that calling v4lctl directly, rather prv-416 in a script, would work around the problem. You can [ When I used the wrong one I got 1 channel named “Composite”, couldn’t change channels, volume worked. I did the steps you outlined.

I found the media centre remote to be more convenient as Ubuntu has built-in support for it through LIRC package. If it’s not present, or if you see a message saying that the firmware upload was not successful, you should review your firmware configuration.

This problem is much less common when using the separate channel-tuning script described earlier I don’t recall a single pvt-416 in over two weeks’ usebut only with 2. Comment on this change optional.


The card seems to have problems changing channels in MythTV’s live TV also when using earlier kernels; MythTV freezes after entering a channel number, and the only way out seems to be to kill the process. It looks like your device still will not cause the driver to auto load in the Hardy version of the kernel. So basically try playing around with some other numbers in that. Good luck, let me know if it works or doesn’t. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Far better visual output though then I got in Windows – odd for once the linux ATI drivers my video card must be better than the windows ones.

Are there any other ASUS cards listed for the cx88xx driver? The latest Feisty kernel. Basically I did this: Which chipset does it use?

Any word on this? RTL Gigabit Ethernet rev 10 Board index All times are UTC.