Plays the next track or hold to fastforward. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Selects MP3 music quality. The battery is charged by powerfrom the computer. The unit can also be used as an external hard drive. UseorPressto set your selection. You can switch between Shuffle on and Shuffle offby pressing.

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Adds selected music file to playlist. New Playlist fromCreates new playlist and adds selected files.

This unit supports eight languages. Plays previous music file. You can switch between Shuffle on and Shuffle offby pressing.

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There are 2 selections under Play Mode: Pressing sometimes more thanonce in playback mode can also bring up the Library List as illustrated in Figure Mpp3 the unit is unresponsive, check and make sure the Hold switch is OFF. Tell us what’s missing. All Music is where all music files are stored and listed. Variable bit rate VBR 4.


You can edit up plqyer lists with up to tracks in each list. If you press, theunit will not connect to the computer. Figure Figure There are 3 selections in the Library List: Holds up to total of 5, songs, subfolders and maximum of 11 levels. It is USB 2. The unit can also be used as an external hard drive. Your manual failed to mpp3 Starts converting and storing into MP3 Hard Disk.

Removes selected music file from playlist. Tell us about it.

Moves selected file down playlist. Returns to previous folder level.

ATMT MP180 User Manual

There are two ways to transfer atmy filesto the MP3 Hard Disk: Download the new firmware file from our web site andsave it on the Desktop. In My Favorite as shown in the above figure, useortomove the cursor up or down to select a track. The MP3 Hard Disk will be treated as anexternal hard drive.


Moves in the oppositedirection to unlock all buttons. The installation window willappear on the screen. Adds selected file to playlist.

Figure 4Figure 5If this is the first time you turn on the unit after connecting it to computeror poking the reset pinhole, the Library List will appear as shown in Figure5. Plays next music file. When thetop menu layer is reached, pressingPressingPresswill show no response.

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Plays current music file. Pressorto move the cursor up or down.

Pressto play the selected file;pressto return to LibraryList. All folders and music files are organizedand displayed in tree structure as illustrated in Figure 7.