I plugged it in, XP recognized it, problem solved. Averatec left-side view lid open view larger image. I have not found anyone who has successfully swapped out the stock unit, probably due to the fact it is buried inside the computer. Likewise, the quality of sound through headphones is pretty good across the range of laptop computers, and the is no exception. Frequently the touchpad caused the cursor to jump around, making precision movements nearly impossible, with small random motions when you put down or pick up your finger. It packs a big hard drive, powerful processor, DVD burner, and This does preclude any upgrading of the wireless gear later on, as well as preventing the use of an additional antenna, but these are relatively minor concerns.

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First up is a 56k v.

Poor graphics performance Flakey touchpad Short battery life Bottom Line: While it may not be the ultimate field machine I was hoping for, there are enough workarounds to make it a very good one.

The also stayed at 11 Mbits, optvial the Inspiron tried shifting its speed down a couple of times.

They are small and tinny, with absolutely no low end. When first powering up, the first I noticed was a bright green dot in the upper left corner of the screen!


One is that it seems to have a slightly bluish cast to it. It is on the right side of the laptop, probably the most common location.

Averatec Optical Drives

The starts with the basic communication methods. I think that the key placement may be lacking, however. I have not found anyone who has successfully swapped out drivw stock unit, probably due to the fact it is buried inside the computer. The arrows printed on the bottom and right of the pad act as scroll wheels, and work rather well which surprised me. Storage While not the most cutting edge drive on the market, the 80 GB RPM Travelstar hard drive in the offers ample room and good dependability.

Averatec Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Not so with the Averatec Screen view larger image. Averztec of the casing is metal, with a few plastic panels on the underside, and assorted plastic buttons and switches. PC Card—expansion slot for additional functions. For graphics performance benchmarks, I used the ever classic 3DMark Standard keyboard, touchpad Battery: Not bad but not great for that kind of usage.

Ports The setup here is bare-bones, which is an effort to keep the laptop small. In any event, I have no idea what made it have a fit. Powering up again, there were no dead pixels yay!


Staples tried to sell me their extended policy, which I declined. It is much easier to access, with no turning of the laptop necessary. The refused to automatically switch APs even when it had to down-shift temporarily to 5.

Averatec Series Laptop view larger image. This is due to the processor running at full speed when running off of the battery, which you cannot throttle down contrary to the whole point of using deive mobile processor.

Some nice features in a small package with a reasonable price tag. Keyboard The keyboard is a condensed version of a normal keyboard.

Averatec IDE Cd-rw DVD RW Burner Drive Gran | eBay

Visit our network of sites: It had almost everything I wanted, and at half the price of the Fujitsu. Plan on carrying headphones a good idea anyway if you care about good audio out coming out of this box. The touchpad also has a pair of scroll bars silkscreened onto it. It has a silvery, metallic look, which feels like a sturdy plastic.