The muted silver case with the bright blue display looked more appealing than the lines of Yuletide delay at the checkout lanes, so I wandered over to its long 76 note keyboard and played a few chords. The main requirement is a computer with enough processor speed and power to avoid problematic latency. Main thing that bothers me about my WK from a few years ago is that synth leads can’t be set to mono, at least as far as I know. This will make the wk send midi signals without making a sound, only making a sound once the signal comes back from cubase, as i understand it. The synthesizer allows for two pcm samples per sound program, so the more wimpy sounding GM instruments can be fattened up.

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Alright, nobody reads them, who cares as long as there are support and user sites. It’s fun to play around with, sounds good, and is a fairly simple introduction to the world of electronic music-making. If you want to save bucks you could go with the which is the same keyboard without the floppy and without the stereo out, you would have to hook it up to a Misi with the headphone out.

I suppose the Casio has no USB though, so you’ll need a midi interface regardless. The excellent Roland DP-6 sustain pedal won’t work with this board.

Some Ramblings from Mr. I’ll try and figure some of this stuff out myself, but i think it is possible that i may not be the only one who as experienced this, so i’m just kindof “fishing for knowledge”.


WK – Electronic Musical Instruments – Manuals – CASIO

View the Media Kit. On the right-hand side of your keyboard you have 5 buttons, the second one up is marked MIDI.

Not Kurzweil great, but it’s better than many of the piano patches that come with sample-playback synths, and it’s usable as a solo voice. On a stage venue, the built-ins become monitor speakers. Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 bit. Even assuming you couldn’t talk them down, I’d much rather have one of those Using Casio keyboard, Help me!

If the OP has a fairly-recent and decent PC, he can even start using virtual instruments and use the el-cheapo Casio keyboard as miid basic controller for some virtual instruments heck even soundfonts later on in addition to using dedicated “hardware” soundmodules. So I sought ak-1800 my local keyboard dealer, found the WK model with the disk drive, and after running it through it’s paces for a few more hours, knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

Wk – Other CTK/WK Models – Casio Music Forums

Sign in to disable this ad. Play the intro to E. Performance controls surround the large central display. If you WK owners would like to upgrade,no Honestly, the keys are little chiclets, and can’t really play chords on it.

The Facts ina Nutshell: They do sell for cheap, but remember there is a reason they sell so cheaply, buyer beware!!

Tempo LED is necessary, or you’ll wind up babysitting the rhythm section instead of playing. I still have mine that I got in when I first started learning piano.

WK-1800 Manual

This can be annoying when you created a midi loop which means the sounds will be triggered twice, which is the main reason they invented the Local setting. Used it to practice at home while taking some lessons and to mess around with recording stuff in the past. I started with a Kurzweil K which was too deep for a beginner, learn to play on something like this and then buy some sound modules to hook this up to, it makes a good 76 key midi controller.


Just because he’s an “amateur” doesn’t mean he doesn’t want some complexity or won’t be able to handle it in the coming weeks or months To me, it sounds like he wants to be talked out of “the easy solution” and into something a little less obvious Come back with more ideas, and I’d be happy to yea or nay them The stupid, clunky monitor amp can sometimes stay at home.

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The total weight of 21lbs. PM me if you can’t find them online and are interested. The organs, in particular, sound very good, and are among the most useful presets onboard. Since they are pointed up and angled w-k1800 toward the player, volume complaints from people seated too near the line of speaker fire are eliminated.