Also, try reconnecting the display cable on both ends, on the motherboard and back of the screen. Litto February 4, I have a problem in dv5 tu. Escape and F2 the startup check. Disconnect both antenna cables and remove one screw securing the wireless card. And if it is possible to just replace the fan are they pretty generic? I also checked and made sure all the cables and ribbons were in fact attached. When I press the power button, this time the volume wifi power panel blinked for half a second then nth else happened.

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Escape and F2 the startup check. Try blowing air into the fan grill on the bottom and side, this should remove most dust from the cooling module. CoreyX64 post tells the whole story.

I was prepared to give up on the laptop until I found this guide! I will appreciate any ideas about fixing this. I disassembled my laptop and tried the barebone approach with no luck. So much for HP Quality. Did you check memory modules? And for me, a novice, thats an accomplishment. Wait for a few minutes, plug the AC adapter back into the laptop and try turning it on. I also checked and made sure all the cables and ribbons were in fact attached.


Boderick Ormand July 27, Hello. I had an issue with my HP dv5 ev screen flickering consistently. I would check connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Lift up the battery. I did find a link talking about the same problem I was having and the guy ended up taking it to a computer store to have it repaired.

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Alex August 2, Hi. Now however it will not even start with the power supply. I do want to thank you for your suggestions and for posting this tutorial. Most likely this is some kind of hardware failure. I found this after testing with only motherboard, memory and display.

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If the AC adapter works properly, I would test voltage on the motherboard where DC jack wires connected to the motherboard. If the problem still there, most likely this is motherboard failure. We also have videos of power jack repairs on youtube look for the link in chcony examples. I mean in this configuration. Jovan November 3, I have a dv-5 and the screen has gone black. Indeed the fan is still spinning, and loudly too. HP Pavilion dv5 has a regular 2.


If my guide looks confusing, do not disassemble the laptop yourself. This from step I double checked that before I installed the new one.

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Continue removing the cover with your fingers. Loosen four screws securing the hard drive, memory and CMOS battery covers. If the battery is completely dead could this cause a dead short and prevent the machine from powering up? Krista Chirayunon October 14, I took apart the whole computer and can not see any water damage. Peter December 27, Hello! So it could be that.