The quality depends solely on the reception of the station. Specifications are freely available and lots of good source code has already been written by others. You have the option of purchasing the unit with the Sennheiser earphones for ten dollars more. The Record button’s smart placement below the main controls safeguards against accidental activation. USB driver is properly installed in PC, and whether the connection of the cable has been properly established.

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Page 3 This product has been manufactured according to strict quality management and verification standards. Enter the code below and hit Verify. Microphone Microphone Form Factor.

However, cq300 blue-backlit screen is somewhat dim, and the brightness isn’t adjustable, although the contrast is. Never have I seen so many things included for a MP3 Player.

CW button on remote control to play tracks, and press it again to stop.

What I like about this unit is that it has an excellent Signal to Noise ratio of 95dB. Cw Successful” message uaudio. Hopefully we can join forces and succeed together! I’m very pleased to announce that codon new developer has joined the cw-driver project! But these old ones aren’t going to disintegrate! FM Preset Station Qty. This product has been manufactured according to strict quality management and verification standards.


The color of this unit is Metal Black. Voice Recording Iaudo, All, and Ran Repeat Modes may cause the player to keep playing continuously and this will cause quick consumption of battery power.

I will have to email JetAudio about this matter and get back to you. It is probably using all 6Mbps effectively for transferring files. Let us wish you a happy birthday!

Cowon iAudio CWx00 open-source driver

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. We hope to see many spin-off projects utilizing it.

When you push the dial in, you are forwarded to your menu, which has plenty of options that we will talk more about later. You have your bass level option that ranges from —20 to 20, Treble to 20Loudness 0 to 40and Dynamic Bass option which rocks! All of this may soon happen. The project is currently in pre-alpha stage. Lastly the top of the player has your earphone jack and a microphone piece.

Cowon iAudio CW300 User Manual

The iPod changed the world. Visit manufacturer site for details. If downloading errors keep occurring in the same location, it means that there is a bad cluster in flash memory. Other than that, the iAudio CW is my pick! After installing the drivers, you will have to install the JetShell software, which is a program to transfer MP3 files to your player, and upload any recordings you have made to your PC.


I’ve finally sat down and prepared this page to let the world know about the project. Yeah, we know there are new models around. You can send a message from Czak’s Sourceforge. After we’d installed the included JetShell software, we used it to transfer songs into the CW’s four albums, which act as separate playlists–a quick, no-nonsense approach to categorization.

We have already spent hours with SnoopyPro and more are coming. We will strongly encourage and help anyone willing to create a user interface utilizing it.