Emporia KS Courses Played: Send a private message to SteezeOG. I picked up a ESP and it took a feww weeks for me to get used to it. Send a private message to Tiny. It is the “thread though the woods”, “what did you just throw”, “do you have any for sale” disc. Discs with good glide continue forward for extra distance. Unique means that we show you the exact disc for sale.

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Once you learn them, they become hyzer flip machines and are the easiest discs to reach out to the ft range.

The Z XLs were a little too stable for what I use them for. What does Unique color mean?

So I guess it’d be more of a preference of opinion. I haven’t thrown any of the FLX yet although I have though about grabbing one for the winter. Discrart, Texas Years Playing: Find all posts by KelReeves. Send a private message to craftsman.


Discraft XL – X

Queen City Years Playing: Who uses the XL as a roller and how well does it work? Eugene, OR Years Playing: It is the “thread though the woods”, “what did you just throw”, “do you have any for sale” disc.

Your privacy is important to us. Send a private message to Anthony Cantow.

It works fine but I always keep an Avenger SS in the bag for rollers. I have been searching for a thread to answer a few questions I have on the XL. Send a private message to SteezeOG. I use it as a backup roller disc sometimes.

ESP XL Distance Driver from Discraft

Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. The ESP has a flatter dome while the Z provides a bit more glide and stability.

I like throwing it though, I haven’t had a chance to play around with it too much though. All times are GMT Popular with players of all skill levels.

[Discraft] Discraft XL – Disc Golf Course Review

Send a private message to hendryxdisc. I haven’t had it in the esp plastic, but the esp nukes I have, have better flight paths than the z nukes I have.


Simply locate the version of product you would like and then single click on the number. He accidentally flipped it into a roller.

Low numbers are best for beginners. Elite X plastic is a step up in durability compared to Pro-D plastic. Details on this Item. Not exactly like the X I had but is coming around to be x, as reliable for those same shots.

What others have said: Find all posts by Diskobolos. Enter top 3 preferences in this field: Send a private message to Tiny. You can throw dscraft longer, but not as easlily. Find all posts by SteezeOG.