Click here for more information. We do note share the schematic circuit of DT Minimum System, but for several reason we will consider it. Are the drivers that was included in Innovative Electronics’ products can be used with bit and bit Windows 8 Operating System? This is the step how to fix this problem: To solve this, you can patch your software. After you have some understanding for the instruction sets, you can start to write your code in editor then save it in usually.

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The installation process can be done by Internet Explorer software. Check serial port in PC using mouse.

Now, we are considering to give some training about MCS The version of bootloader can be viewed in Read – Bootloader Version. The file which is created by “inf-wizard. Please follow this link for more information regarding this problem.

Training for MCS51 is still in progress at the moment. As a solusion, using the latest software update: You can do it following these steps: Choose the folder you want to download. New version bootloader 1. You can find more information about the configuration from this link.


You will likely to get this message when this is occur: In each our products page, we already provide “Download File Pendukung” download link. If you buy a new microcontroller, as default, the fusebit has been dt-hiqq to make the oscillator frequency run at 1MHz internal.

How can i get the necessary files for Innovative Electronic’ products? Download AN37 in Application Note page.

How to run DT MinSys in stand alone mode? PC Serial Port Connector.

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Find the file who named oemX. Older version of DT51L.

Yes, both microcontrollers are same, pin compatible with same architecture, but microcontroller in DT Minimum System ver 3. Are the drivers that was included in Innovative Electronics’ dh-hiq can be used with bit and bit Windows 8 Operating System? Plug power supply into target board. You can download both of them in the update section. Incorrect comport or comport has allready open by another software.

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We will not invoke any service fee as long as you can show us your purchase note within 1 year from purchase date. As the solution, need to add two command before using the interrupt:. Choose products page Choose category of the product you have In the left side, please click “Download File Pendukung” link. So if you want to code, you should dt-hhiq MCS51’s instruction sets you can learn it in our MCS51 tutorial section, or in 89C51’s manual.


This is because the installation process is done without using “install-filter-win.


Please note that if you use debugging feature, the Serial Port will be occupied and can’t be used for another purpose. This is caused of signal reset which is needed for 89C51 and usv are not same. Open all of the files one by one to find the correct file which is created by “inf-wizard. You can try do the following steps: