Page Single-sheet multipart forms: Exchange offer not applicable. You may need to Using The Error Indicators Using the Error Indicators You can identify many common printer problems using the lights on the control panel. Use the tractor in the push tractor position.

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Epson LQ-1150 II Dot Matrix Printer

Life Expectancy Million Characters. Switching between the cut-sheet feeder and the push tractor does not work properly The desired paper type does not load. Page length for tractor This setting allows you to set the page length in inches for continuous paper. Please press enter for search.

Transporting The Printer Transporting the Printer If you need to transport your printer for some distance, carefully repack it using the original box and packing epwon. This setting determines how long the printer waits when it no longer receives data from an interface before it checks whether a print job is being sent through the other interface.

A B printable area A A The minimum top margin is 4. If your printing appears too high or low on the page, eposn can use the micro adjust feature to adjust the top- of-form position.


World Wide Web www. Paper Handling Number of Paper Trays. The cut-sheet feeder may be incorrectly installed on the printer. Reinstall and close the printer cover.


Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Then slide the right edge guide to fit the size of paper you will use. First mark a point 5. The numbers next to the lever indicate the thickness setting. Advancing the paper to the tear-off position automatically Prinyer automatically advance your printed documents to the tear-off position, you need to turn on the auto tear-off mode and select the appropriate page length for continuous paper in the Default Setting mode.

Your application software settings may be incorrect. Skip lrinter perforation This feature is available only when continuous paper is selected. Will you tear off continuous paper sheet-by-sheet?

Page Command Lists The printer has a minimum and a maximum tear-off position. The lights stay off even when the power is turned on Hold another paper support and push the tips into the notches of the other side on the edge guide.

Hot Parts Caution Symbol Rpson the printer and refer servicing to qualified personnel under the following conditions: If your printer stops working and one or more control panel lights are on or flashing or the printer beeps, use the following table to diagnose and fix the problem. Adjusting the top-of-form position The top-of-form position is the position on the page where the printer starts printing.


Epson LQ II Dot Matrix Printer

Multipart Forms Multipart forms You can use continuous or shingle-sheet carbonless multipart forms of up to four parts one original plus three copies.

Attaching The Paper Supports Attaching the paper supports You rpinter install the paper supports before you begin using the printer. Letter Quality 12 cpi. Contacting Customer Support Download: Check that the page-length setting and lines-per-page setting in your application software are correct.

Make sure that the ls head is in position at 10 cm 4 inches from the left side Reinstall the paper tension unit. Make sure that your printer is selected and then click Printer, Setup, Properties, or Options.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a Choosing A Place For The Printer You must remove all protective materials packed around and inside your printer before you set it up and turn on the power.