Information about it can be found here. In the future, they will be processed by moderators. How much memory you have in your machine? Search this forum only The results of the Extra options. I recommend that you disconnect the connection to the network so that you can see who is eating the battery. MelodyHacker, Judging by the wires and their direction, we can assume that this is a microphone And the camera is exactly under the Wi-Fi Antenna Http:

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What is your firmware installed? I’m not working properly LuckyPatcher.

Detected device brands

Post has been edited Staring – Reboots the tablet, does not install or crash applications. Does it make sense to give in the SC? On the phone was google play, the Android version was 2. So I do not see much sense in putting cwm on it.

Detected device brands – UAParser v

Firmware Explay all as a selection differ from the back side of the mouse from TeXeta. Firmware and firmware instructions CWM recovery for I recommend that you abd the connection to the network so that you can see who is eating the battery. I set myself to hide the bar on a double tapu at the bottom of the screen. Immediately download a bunch and all. Information about it can be found here. Ask questions, we will look for answers together.


The default was fantasy and deadline. After turning off the backlight, the buttons stop working at all, while copying data from other devices, the backlighting-blinking of the buttons remains indication of the copy activity.

You need to enter the wrong key 5 times and click on the “Forgot password” button. Connect gadgets that consume more than mA.

There are only test firmware, where no hardware works for example, a touch. On the desktop, you move your finger to the left – the desktop goes to the right. Downloading Informer russian manual I shake them from here and throw them on the tablet – everything works. Everything is done at your own risk! Update the firmware only if you know exactly what you are doing and fully aware of the risk, otherwise we strongly recommend that you contact one of the authorized Explay service centers.

Ellinka, come, Expkay wrote you an act The essence of the problem with tacham is not yet fully clear, the image itself remains in the desired orientation or is it flipped along with the tachim? In the archive, my worker is vold.


Драйвер USB для планшетов ASUS

Change DPI screen We read here. All newcomers to this topic: Took for all works already as half a year of complaints there is nothing that does not tupit all the games work except for the heavy ones for 1.

Violators can be punished! The computer determines the tablet as an Unknown Device. For the market to see our tablet, like the Samsung GT-I and allow you to install programs and games for it, you need: And so, an excellent device, I use the 3rd week.

Enter your details and everything is restored! We will wait for the updated firmware for this tablet.