This isnt really a bad thing, it just is not what i expected. The 8 channels can be fed from any hardware input, analog or digital. Electronic Musician review Try the Digital Mixers links page for more.. I plugged it in, no need for drivers and the thing works really well with it, albeit that I have to set sample buffers on my DAW at nothing lower than , but it is usable! Want our best price even faster? Like many of you, I my EZ Bus is sitting in my studio, virtually unused. Could you send them to my email:

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Will you be able to control these input levels in the future, good question for Event? Do you also have the installation manual?

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Anybody know how to control this? In that scenario, all that’s required of the mixer is that it provide a means for the audio from the device to be brought into the main mix.

I too bought mine when it launched and felt completely abandoned less than a year later. In this configuration you would have independent control of volume, pan, EQ, and dynamics ebzus your vocal mic, guitar, and drum machine. I did open her up a couple of month ago to peek inside not much to see really but will do it again and ezbue the voltages coming in pre and post the power supply.


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Event EZbus Manual

Hi guys, longtime ezbus user here also: Still so useful and it was a great deal even back then. I still have an old XP computer that I use just for recording, but would like to upgrade to 7 if money allows. You’ll still get the trustworthy service you’ve come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear! So, time has slipped by. Altogether, that’s 12 audio signals brought into the EZbus using only 4 ezgus channels. Bottom line, everything seems to work fine. Is it awkward to open it up i.

You would likely have an assortment of sound modules, possibly a keyboard, a drum machine, some effects devices, your vocal mic, and, versatile musician that you are, an acoustic evennt electro-acoustic guitar. Does anybody have the driver for the EZ8 card? I own a event ezbus. In a typical computer-based recording environment, many of the audio sources keyboards, sound modules, drum machines, effects devices, and the like require little or no processing “after the fact;” rvent is, they don’t necessarily need to have their tone, volume, or pan positions controlled at the mixer level.


EZBus installer not running on XP — anyone has experience?

I really am wondering what is under the hood here, but geeze, there has to be a way to add parameters, or perhaps even new FX types. When it does so, it always begins with a sharp ezbuus, followed by a blank screen and a digial sine-wave being output. If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the ezbuz at I planned on doing lots of recording, but other things in life take priorities.

Event EZbus Guides and Software Downloads

This is a good forum. I could use the money. Sorry, this product is no longer available on zZounds. The sound modules would be grouped, with the EZbus’s channel volume, pan, EQ, and dynamics settings affecting all 3 devices equally.

Now, i kind of do recognize this behaviour from other equipment where such a power drop-out often is related to bad capacitors. In most cases, a product is unavailable because it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I know others must be searching for this as I have, so. Your vocal mic would plug into analog input 1.