When you open up the folder which is held together with a sticker you will find: Media playing As has become standard in these products Moonshell is used for media playback, these products are no different. Support does not increase far from it and no extra features can be added. I find the game plus software only twelve, because there can not turn pages, and one only twelve games? The first problem you will run into is that homebrew started from the “NDS game” menu will not boot at all. In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking g6ds real and perhaps g6ds real buying it. Your name or email address:

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Man is this OLD nes,i remember seeing this on a site that offered paypal a couple of weeks ago, i thought “It must have already been posted” Oh wait, your just pposting cos you reeal it, np then rofl.


When it comes to homebrew however the SC-DS one is the leader. And obviously, the makers of the G6DS Real is the G6 team, who are known to produce high quality products, and stand behind their products for a very long time. Inside the cheat tab there are all the cheats available for the game you are going to run which driter be selected both via readsr and buttons.

Every game I have thrown at it so far simply works. The game name includes according to the domestic authoritative magazine translation standard, the natural user also may gds according to own custom on the computerthe heavy naming game name.

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Yes, turned off automatic backup archive, the latest kernel and supporting archive retrieval has been enabled by default archive backup feature does not require you to manually operate, upgrade to the latest kernel and system files to Q: Such as if there is a game save more than 4M.


Selecting a file can be done in several ways. Separate names with a comma. It gets detected like any other rewl based device and is ready to write to drag-n-drop. The first ever and reql only card which has this feature.

The appearance of a dedicated reader with a few months ago G6DS Real reader is almost identical. Homebrew support is however highly limited.

The SC rumble series are also supported to act as a rumble pack only like normal games, nothing specific. In the game-info screen there will be two tabs once you have set the g6dss file.

It isn’t very straitforward but after working with it a bit you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Only the last run of the archive is stored in the storage IC ROM, and other archives are automatically backed up to the same ROM file folder, each boot after the charge stored in the archive IC can be kept for 15 days, stored in a removable disk reaader archive files can be stored permanently.

Simon van de Berg – Nintendo DS Homebrew Webpage

The clips rub against the springs on the side of the DS’ DS-slot. With the lack of homebrew support for the moment, this may turn some customers away. I’ll cover the cheat “engine” later in this review. Personally I wouldn’t use this feature but if you are using your G6 with two people I can see why this is useful and as it also works without problems who am I to complain: I have to say qriter the TouchPod, though not the most pretty firmware out there it IS skinableis very user-friendly.

Of course not, Do not worry, this is normal, because the FAT system, which accounts for the cluster changed much, which is nothing to file down. From the use of point of view, mainly in the reader, burn mode to use a special card reader, and the card is no longer required by Slot2 transmission. Supports DS sleep mode.


I am however sorry to say that this is something which I have been unable to use.

Yes, my password is: The G6 Team or better known as the M3 Team has been on the market for a very long time, probably one of the longest. G6sd be honest of course the main system IS a modified version of Moonshell, so one can’t say that moonshell is integrated in their main menu, but regardless this is the easiest way I have found to date to play media files, also because if you want to play a game after watching a movie you do not have to restart your DS but can just select the game inside Moonshell.

Since this flashcard without any change itself, only burner into an independent writer, so part of the test cassette, there is no need to write, we mainly look at this time writer. The G6 team have yet teal release their DS slot version of the pda software. In the full icon display version “pda icon” is what the SC team call it it can be very strange if you have more then twelve icons. I’ve been trying everything I can think of but it does not work for me.

G6ss 4, Switzerland. The soft reset pretty much worked with every wrier I tried.