Physically things may look okay, but when electronics are concerned the proof is in the pudding. I have a GNX4 and it works very well as I just described. The drivers can be used for audio interface functions, with just a bit more latency than I would use and do not need. Not something I’ve spent any time on. Do you need all the extra features of the Digitech drum machine, built-in recorder, mic preamp, USB computer interface or are you after a guitar amp cab modeller? Better options for not too much more?

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Quick update to this one just to better close out where I went with this GNX unit.

I don’t feel I would need to have a back up for this processor. Mesh Max Output Level: The effects though are good. Now, record something and get rich. R goes to my amp. asii

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I last played live insurf stuff. The bad new is, this only works with Win7 installed on a motherboard whose onboard soundcard, a very little chip, is an ALC or equivalent. Although I am not a asi here it sounds like the asking price is pretty big considering the unit is about 10 years old and might have gotten some beatings and sauces thrown at tnx3000 and there are similar units at a sameish price range available.


It has two, R and L. And how should i connect it all.

Using GNX3000 as an ASIO in Ableton Live 6.0

It’s the sounds they made I would really like to be able to use the gnx because of the virtually endless possibilites and amp modeling and effects etc The amp modeling I can do without as my Line 6 gear is better in asip respect thought the Digitech is more flexible when using the X-Edit 2. I just had to go check out digitech’s website to see what they’re up to these days: Actually I think this pawnshop sees themselves as a bit of a music shop – the sales head of that area used to work in a music store and after stints in Metal outfits currently plays with a modern folk gathering: BobF Max Output Level: I am not looking to model specific stomp boxes or reverbs so it all works well for me.

The RP just seems more “stomp-worthy” from playing with both, since the switches are very similar to a true asi box. But I’m not sure I’ll have to X-Edit 2 – The GUI to “program the guts” works without the drivers thank Godand aiso pretty indispensable for initial setup. I use GNX line out. I forgot this part, but yes there is a massive community which shares patches, which is rather nice.


There is nothing whatsoever wrong with this board was made in Mayand it even had my modified programs still saio it. It’s not a Y.

Digitech gnx into an interface into mixcraft 5 – Acoustica User Forums

gns3000 An on-board sound card and Y-adapter will limit your sound quality. Won’t work in Win 7 either, without the type of motherboard I mentioned before. I don’t need it ston: Forums Posts Latest Posts. Fortunately for my wallet it doesn’t appear to be available yet: You might, might, might be able to buy some usb device, but it’ll be ASIO and you’ll become frustrated with latency.

Audio Interfaces

As many patches internally generate stereo, this axio the easiest way to capture both and the volume knob on the unit is handy. As far as the sounds of favorite artists.

One can never have too many Noyz Toyz. It will keep you busy for a long time to come. I just dial in the sound I want to hear and I’m ready to go. Keep us posted, bil.