Eraser s Highlanders So far as actual service is con cerned, no Highland regiment has been so closely identified with Canadian history as Fraser s Highlanders, the old 78th Regiment. A seemingly innocent-looking ruined house in the village of Petit Vimy had inside walls of cement 39 inches thick. The question of officers for the regiment came up, and as the Chairman announced that he was leaving for a tour in New Zealand and Australia, Mr. Some of them had been connected with Highland regiments or companies in other cities. Owing to this unfortunate loss of valu able time, these men were unable to jump off in time to take part in the raid, and were ordered back to the tun nel.

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All cylinders were now shut off. The Scottish spirit which was at the back of the new 72nd had already been displayed in the formation of the Highland Company of Montreal, the Toronto Company of Highland Rifles at one time attached to the Queen s Own the 5th Battalion Royal Scots of Canada, Montreal, and several other organizations of the earlier days.

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Lumsden, took several prisoners, but losing direction they were finally surrounded by the enemy, and, after holding out until all their ammunition was exhausted, they were themselves taken prisoner, Lieut. The pipe band took its part in a grand performance of the massed pipes and drums of the Canadian Corps at which F.

Though in use it produced con siderable soot, it was very effective. Among the decorations conferred was the D. The old colours bore the stains and tatters of many a hard-fought field, and the new ones had to pay homage to the old, the latter being sent to Dingwall, Ross-shire to be there preserved. Simultaneously with “A” Company s capture of the front line the remaining companies sent their patrols forward. He has been through several cam paigns in which he greatly distinguished himself; and his work in connection with the raising of this regiment de serves the greatest praise.


Gradually the eventful day drew to a close. The Mission then spent three weeks in visiting the various Italian fronts.

He watched it en train, and remarked how well the officers bore themselves. On the 24th, Lieuts.

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This hw-140h9 the first change of front on Viniy Ridge, the new front extending from. His guns, on and behind the Bapaume Ridge, and particularly in the famed Loupart Wood, com manded an extensive and highly-informing view of the British positions. If they had had more space at their disposal they would have enlarged on several matters, notably the great assistance given to the Battalion by the various women s societies whose -constant solicitude for its welfare was be yond praise.

John s, Newfoundland, and the year following it was disbanded, many of the officers and men remaining as settlers in Canada. It was an occasion of deep interest, for this fare well seemed to bring into review all that had taken place since the battalion arrived at Hopoutre on August 15th of the previous year when Sir Julian had met them at the station.

Murray, as he met with a mishap which very shortly afterwards caused his evacuation. Stren uous resistance was encountered from the triangle of trenches formed by Clutch and Cluck trenches, and great difficulty was experienced in keeping direction in the blinding sleet and over the maze of water-filled shell-holes.


It was not to be won dered at that the enthusiasm was so marked, haewll the sight was hw-1049 grand one, as the regiment advanced with the long stride peculiar to the “Kilties,” the swaying of the sporrans and kilts, the fluttering in the breeze of the feathers in the bonnets, and the splendid work of the men was sufficient to arouse enthusiasm in the most stoical. However, I gladly accept the invitation as it affords me an opportunity hawe,l paying a tribute to the mem bers of a military unit which was second to none in the Canadian Army Corps.


Of those already selected, ha-104h9 are Scottish Canadians, or Scottish by name. On January 17th,they again met, the personnel of the meeting including, besides those already mentioned, Mr.

Another event of the same year was the trip to Tacoma, “Wash. Andrew s and Caledonian Societies rooms, when Mr. New Year s Day was not to be allowed to pass by Scottish men without some celebration of its associations and memories of Auld Lang Syne.

The topic was discussed in Scottish circles in the city from all points of view, and general public approbation was evinced, but some months elapsed before another meeting of the delegates was held. During the hawel, parties of the attacking troops were relieved by detachments of fresh men who had been kept in reserve in Gobron Tunnel.

It had been arranged that they should enter the enemy trenches at For the whole earth is a sepulchre of famous men; and their story is not graven only in stone over their gawell earth, but lives on, far away, without visible symbol, woven into the stuff of hawekl men s lives. Vicars men were casualties by the time he reached the trench, but Vicars, accompanied by McWhinney and Cpl.

The voyage across was uneventful. Led on this occasion in person by their Commanding Officer, the Battalion flung itself against Claude Trench. We are very grateful to him for his untiring endeavours in this work.