The earlier fix would be called anytime something changed. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. From time to time there may be instances in which hardware or driver features are not supported by the cciss driver which comes with your distribution or kernel, because it is too old, or the hardware is too new, etc. The following list of controllers are supported by cciss on distributions based on kernels before 2. Arrayprobe offsite makes a report of events recorded by Smartarray contollers. If it is software RAID the numbers seems right. To get it working for me, I installed the kernel from experimental 2.

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Find More Posts by orthogonal3. In this case, it is just a text file, documentation, meant for human consumption. In these instances you may wish to try the source RPMs or tarballs provided here. I would like to include to to do diagnostic on the hard drives and maybe turn off the cache in the hard drive to keep data consistent and keep the data moving throughly.

Instructions on Installing drivers for smart array 6i on hp dl380 g4

This network controller is supported by the bnx2 driver, but requires external non-free firmware. Smrt check the terminators on the SCSI cable. Just a case of tracking down a couple of deps.


afray Thanks all for your help in advance and for keeping a great community! Also, auf Englisch jetzt Worked fine, needs firmware ; Xen 4. As stated read performance seems very poor to me, because all data should be send from cache which means there should be nearly no differences between buffered or cached reads. Tags diskdlraid5ubuntu Thread Tools.

Arry i would do? Non non-free firmware required! This did not happen to me, but should be mentioned here After a reboot all works as expected and all the devices show also up with lsscsi. And associated tape wear I’m not looking neccessarily for someone to tell me a full solution but the way things are looking, its going to be a case of buying another server with a big RAID 0 striped array on it and thrash everything to there, once staged on there I can back up to tape nice and fast.

If you need to reset your password, click here. Lniux tells you nothing about real world throughput.

Add kmod RAID driver in Centos 7 installer for HP Proliant – Page 3 – CentOS

Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. To install, download the RPM file, and use rpm -ihv rpmfile This will deposit the cciss. Without this fix the system will panic on reboot when the HP cciss rpm has been uninstalled. Alternatively, you can obtain non-official CD images with external firmware loading enabled; see Firmware. Fixed race condition that could show up during driver init. Your distribution may differ. That is, there are some kernels which have overlapping sets of controllers supported by both hpsa and cciss.


Initially, there was some overlap in the boards which these two drivers support. This is snart because making the switch is somewhat complex and it is easy to make a mistake or forget something and get your system liux an unbootable state.

Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. Adding “nomodeset” to kernel command line works around the issue in Stretch. Fixed a panic that could arise during an insmod and rmmod of the cciss driver.

Is there something I have missed, blaringly obvious? The utility hdparm just prints out raw performance. Later, after checking this one out a bit more, Zmart edit this to reflect what Smaart find.

Fixed wrong usage of a pointer for sysfs symlink. Arrray these for systems using 2. NIC 3,4 worked fine. If it is software RAID the numbers seems right.