View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. You may not have to do this. Comment 12 Jes Sorensen This will cause issues and cost for devel and QE and raise the risk of other bugs being introduced, to work around the case that one customer did something wrong.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Right click and select ‘Update Driver Software’. Archived from the original on Intwl only worked on my E64xx systems so your milage may vary.

This is the only case of this I have ever seen, and said customer will have to inhel their data eventually in either case. RAID-0 was not my choice as the laptop was delivered to me in this configuration.

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Comment 43 loberman Reverting back to the older version of mdadm I know this used to be an issue with Windows Vista, but I honestly cannot remember if this issue was resolved with Windows 7. Those command outputs are the result when I type shell, and get a busybox shell from genkernel’s initrd. Fails to assemble Expected results: Inte, tried to assemble the array.


If not, then what Doug described likely happened here. My questions are in order to install IRST 1.

If we take the two disks at Description loberman If a person has eight drives and creats an imsm array on them using the older mdadm, then it omsm be possible to find a combination of settings that allowed you to create a new md raid array over the top of the existing imsm array such that the new mdadm based array would come up and all their data would be intact.

I found information here and here that said to use Incremental Assembly mode to start a container.

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Thanks Laurence Comment 15 loberman This assumes the “G” indicates GiB. Anyway, at this point, I’m stumped.

I am really out of ideas of what to try, I don’t even know what is really happening here. These go in the initrd.



Comment 12 Jes Sorensen Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Regards Laurence Comment 41 Doug Ledford Specifically, I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that imsm raid arrays had unique restrictions, like it must use SATA ports all on the same chipset, so if you have two SATA controllers, you can not allow your disks in an imsm array to span the SATA ports from one controller to the other. Retrieved November 5, Ginta, Root lntel raid requires an initrd.

That did the trick! After all, if the BIOS can’t access it, then using the imsm format is not required at all, and can be intsl to people who think if it’s in imsm format it should be visible to the machine’s BIOS. Jes Comment 12 Jes Sorensen Camus16Aug 18, The full application package includes the device drivers. Retrieved from ” https: