I truly believe that there is not a better driver out there. Dan on October 3, at 5: When you first hold the club in your hands, you are likely to notice that the S9 – 1 F Driver is quite light in weight. The golf ball just seems to go on and on when in the air, and everyone we spoke to who had used this Driver, noticed as we did, a large increase in the distance their drives consistently carried. Also would like to say the club was much better than the 6 out of 10 rating it had, looked 8 or 9 to me and the delivery to Ireland was 3 days

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I got it from Fedex an hour before my game. Have only used fairway woods previously. With my previous driver mizuno mp i was hitting a slight fade about ish, and occasionally have a wild drive no where near the fairway but once i hit the cobra i hit it straight as an arrow and carryed it with a little draw.

I found myself struggling with the HiBore. John on February 23, at 6: Newsletters Keep up-to-date with the cibra news and updates from Golfbidder Sign up. I purchased the 9. Well, I got the Cleveland HiBore, a very popular driver at the time 2 years ago.

I started working out the draw etc and now my G15 is on Ebay after owning it 2 months… Cobra well done. Its been ages since i’ve hit every fairway!!! I was straight and true good loft d great but each shot got better until I tired.


Great driver i ended up buying it and would recommend it to anyone!

Give this stud a try, I believe you will love it!! The Pro D is ideal for those you wanting a lower, more penetrating balls flight, while the Pro S will help those wanting to generate higher launch angle. I traded my drivers license for the driver and took it to the range. I tried it out yesterday, im just and average gofer with a handicap of Deon on August 17, at 5: If you have tried the cobra S2, have compare the S9 1 to the S9 1?

Quite a statement to make. Especially those who are after club that is consistent and isn’t stupidly large. Put a half-decent swing on it and it is straight as an arrow.

Immediate;y I was hitting the ball straight and far considering the conditions. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Cobra S F/ST Driver Review – Golfalot

Not knowing what to expect and having serious negative vibes from my current driver I proceeded to hit the longest straightest drive I have had in years off the first tee. If you are finding good results with a certain club that may be outdated, you may want to stay with it or perhaps update the kong.


Going to a professional club fitter also makes a lot of sense and your return on your investment will most likely be significant. I started working out the draw etc and now my G15 is on Cobar after owning it 2 months… Cobra well done, Reply. The shop Pro saw my frustration and asked me to hit the Cobra S9.

Simon Harvey on December 1, at 1: Your Reviews Cobra Drivers User Reviews 5 out of 5 buy one 18 Spred By easylifematt the driver i was using was a masker twmid 90’s,after trying the cobra it has transformed my game, not a huge leap in distance but the accuarcy is phenominal, a truly great driver providing your swing is ok, have lessons all the time! Well I found it!

I am around a handicap. The draw bias does its job well, and we found it almost impossible to send a ball off to the right.

Cobra S9-1 Driver Review

Ross McNeil on May 14, at 2: Absolutely great looking driver. Very high MOI and balanced face makes this one of the straighter drivers on the market today.

The lies nicely at the address and the ball leaves the tee cobrz an explosion.