It is probably not a bad idea to have the camera unplugged while you switch the device drivers, just to be sure. If I whack up the exposure and brightness to maximum values! But if you have a firewire A port wich is the case for most desktop it will also work as it is retrocompatible. As it is working under Windos 7 already, I suppose I don’t need a firmware update. The image is digitized with a 10 bit AD converter that features a

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This allows you to update the firmware to v1.

Dear Simon what type of firewire driver are you using Microsoft or other? The Leica DFC is a powerful color digital camera system that offers real-time imaging. But if you have a firewire A port wich is the case for most desktop it will also work as it is retrocompatible.

There may also be additional drivers that come with Firewire cards or even with dffc like cameras. Color rendering, image geometry and dimensions are correct and ensure accurate results in image analysis, measurement and image processing. I need to set up eight of these cameras next week, and I feel like I have made no progress at all! Thanks for the reply.

Micro-Manager – Leica DFC on MM

With the high pace of technology, digital recording is becoming increasing important for many 20 applications. Message 2 of 6. Once this has run, the camera should be connected to the Windows 7 PC at the prompt. Make sure the camera meets the firewire standards for the NI drivers.


connect a microscope camera to Labview – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

The default Microsoft drivers may cause problems with Leica Cameras on Win7. Also, leic this stage, check that the PC can detect the camera. This should result in there being no port visible in the device manager. You need to change the driver in the system settings for dfd firewire card manually after installation. After a bit of screaming, this finally resulted in me getting three of my cameras set up.

Having looked at Micro-Manager’s BaumerOptronic device adapter recently to fix a different problem related to shutter timingI have to say that the code is lwica of spectacular quality, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some bugs or missing features. Message 1 of 6. I have tried installing Twain DSM in the different folders c: Get the most from the latest Intel processors and coprocessors.

In reply to this post by m. You can download these with a 30 day trial to test things out.

When I have another go on Thursday, I will post some images and data to show what the issues seem to be. This is equivalent to more than 9 analog aperture steps and ensures dfv finest details for objects of rich contrast. Leica Microsystems bridges the gap between high performance and ease of use.


DrSimonCarr If you reply to this email, your message will be added to the discussion below: If you use a laptop equiped with a firewire A port, you will need a powered hub as the oeica port is not powered on all laptops, and your camera needs to be powered throught the firewire. Hi Simon, On Tue, Oct 1, at One thing to check is the Windows Device Manager.

Leica DFC 280 DFC280 Digital Color Microscope Camera

I will do this: It will be best to try to get it to work with the Baumer viewer first. Capturing and saving images is peica poor. I am in college early tomorrow to see what the situation is, at which point I will no doubt get back on this forum for some more advice.

Hello, You need a firewire B board in your computer if you want full performances.