For some reason I was on the bay and I remembered them. The Taylor Bubble clubs and their shafts! I’m no expert on the technology of the various materials, styles, etc. Not top-of-the-line, but great starter clubs. Back before Taylormade changed their logo.

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Down my toe line.

TaylorMade Firesole Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 65 reviews –

I swing pretty hard, so I use the stiff rifle shaf ts with no problems. Posted July 5, If not, please start a new topic. Don’t have to go as high with the loft, in order for it to “not go too far” for the distance gap you’re trying to fill Edited by Cwebb, 31 August – West Texas Ebay ID: I watched it for the first time today.

Removing the golf hat requires the arranging of ball, club, etc. Low trajectory and very forgiving. BaldTexan 63 years old.

No, they’re not the latest and greatest clubs produced by TaylorMade, but even in used condition they’re a great value for the weekend player. What condition is it in?


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. FrederickMD Handicap: I know they came in both steel and bubble shaft graphite, but I don’t know if Taylormade used different heads for the different shafts. What length of shaft do you want?

Taylor Made Firesole

I personally have never lost whatever degree of respect I had for a fellow golfer if his hat remained on his head while he shook my hand. I feel the game and show my best.

If they were designed for steel, then I can’t imagine the tip size being much out of the ordinary. That, in itself, is almost priceless.

Taylor Made Firesole Iron Set Reviews

These may be 6 or 7 years old, but in my mind, they can compete with anything on the market today. Your best bet is to find bubble shafts on ebay OR you could mdae to use. Odyssey Works 1W Ball: Hoping my next clubs can even compare. Brian Peck 27 years old.

Buying a used set of high quality irons off of ebay was a better alternative. Registration is fast, simple and mqde free. BrandonG2 35 years old.


Hats in churches are foresole for men, but not women. They’re comfortable, weighted well, and a great club for anyone who might need a little extra help from their irons. I will never play as a Jason Day — but these clubs make me feel like Giresole played with equipment as if made for Ezino Ferrari. They’re every bit the same club they were when new – just not quite as pretty – no function was lost due to age.

Why is this review inappropriate? What are you Reading Right Now? He tells me his new set of irons which he paid 5x what he sold the Firesoles for play no better than the Taylor Mades for. PaullyP, on 30 August –