Improved testing for encryption capabilities. How We Tested – Interoperability Page 4: Corrected various INF parsing issues. Fri Jul 23 – Released driverloader I know there was some sort of disclaimer about ndiswrapper causing permanent damage to an adapter if it is forced to use the wrong driver. Fixed bit arithmetic shift functions.

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Sun Dec 14 – Released driverloader Fixed packet flow suspension after temporary link interruption such as when client leaves AP range and later comes back to reassociate.

Marvell TopDog WLAN Supports 802.11n Draft 2.0 Specification

The following devices all use these Vista x64 drivers. Fri Oct 19 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions. Improved unsupported OID handling. Added marveell for Fedora Core 4. I found that they don’t, but there is something different going on in their rate change algorithms. Thu Nov 20 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions.

Fixed potential deadlock upon driver initialization failure. Is this just a disclaimer for rare situations or is it a bad idea to try and get my TEWUB adapter working using drivers for a different WLAN adapter with the same chipset quoted above?


Sat Jan 31 – Released driverloader Fixed more WEP issues. Changed default netif name prefix from “eth” to “wlan” under SuSE 9. Tue Aug 24 – Released driverloader Statements that refer to, or are based on projections, uncertain events or assumptions also identify forward-looking statements.

Thu Dec 18 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions. Thu Dec 18 – Released driverloader Wed Oct 13 – Improved marvel speed mode with TI drivers.

Sat Nov 08 – Released driverloader Removed inline attribute for osusb. Check capabilities before enabling specific encryption modes. Fri Jun 08 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions.

Marvell TopDog – Draft n Revealed: Part 2 – Interoperable? Not So Much

Fixed sporadic oops upon driver unload. Improved chances of surviving small stack overflows. Added printk in netndis. Mon Dec 15 – Released driverloader This driver gives me the problems detailed in my first forum post: In the troubleshooting guide I noted there is a method to try and force ndiswrapper to use a certain driver.


Several of the drivers would install but ndiswrapper -l would not say device present.

DriverLoader ChangeLog

Sun Feb 29 – Fixed rare potential crash upon netdev initialization error. Added net as alternative name for ar driver to enable workarounds.

Successfully tested with U. Fixed bug that prevented web configurator logins if root password contained a colon. Fri Jul 23 – Released driverloader The tech chose the Marvel Libertas wireless card for If you want to achieve great things, then we want to talk with wireelss.

Successfully tested with Blitzz BWU Added nostackworkaround module parameter to disable stack workaround if necessary.