The software integrates with the screensaver to provide extra security. I’ll be looking to expand the test suite over the coming weeks into a well rounded comprehensive test suite, something which previous Hexus reviews may possibly have lacked in the past. Next up we have the memory bandwidth benchmarks. Apart from that we see nothing unusual here. Windows 98, while having little testing on this motherboard, seems to be OK.

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The plastic is there to protect the motherboards trace lines from being damaged when a heatsink is installed. Software installation was also simple.

Support For K7T Pro2 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

It also seems like the BIOS setup is critical. The indicators are located right next to the audio and multimedia ports and as well, on the PC-to-PC USB bracket ppro2 they can be viewed from the outside of the case. Well let’s take a look at the chipset specs before we make our way to MSI’s implementation of it.

The problem exists under Windows too, but not to the same extent.

BSOD’s do occur however and the audio stops sometimes. Here we see the corresponding Not ideal at all. There is no conventional thermistor in the socket to measure CPU temperature. The top left placement is a good choice however and gets my thumbs up.

A smart move on VIA’s part indeed. The jumperless aspect of the board is great since fiddling around on with jumpers to adjust things that the BIOS was made to take care of is silly.


So what can we draw from the following numbers? Load of room around the socket is always a welcome bonus. I’d have preferred a less fancy actively cooled heatsink to the gold coloured passive heatsink provided.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU KT266A Motherboard Review

Windows 98, while having little testing on this motherboard, seems to be OK. The capacitor placement fouls the ability of the retention mechanism to work well and k7t26 have to resort to poking at the lever with something in an attempt to make it budge.

A couple of BIOS tweaks and a general going over and that should be that. With 3DMark testing overall CPU, memory and graphics performance and Sandra providing the soynd numbers, we have pretty much all bases covered.

Let’s start with Sandra first off: Finally before we hit the pretty pictures, the tests are performed at the default system speed of Mhz 9 x and Mhz 9 x showing the improvements to be gained both in clock speed and memory bandwidth via a higher front side bus clock. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Three operating systems, Windows 98, Windows and Windows XP were installed without any problems.

Only glaring bad spots should be noted and the MSI has none. For the average home user playing a few games here and there and using office application on something like the AMD platform, the upgrade doesn’t make sense really.


There are a total of 6 USB 1. I was a bit sceptical of its position at first, but, in my case at least, it seems to get the ATX connector out of the way very well seeing as though the ATX connector is the most bulky connector you’ll attach to a motherboard and also the most inflexible making a poor connector placement an extra hassle.

Tried everything I coould think of, enabling-disabling the onboard AC’97, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for both, downloading the latest MoBo drivers. Applications that shift a lot of data between main memory and the CPU will be the obvious benefactors with the KTA. Nsi a nice looking touch, but won’t please the overclockers looking to the K7T Pro2 as their next choice. In situations where a tall case is used, it might prove difficult to reach the connectors with the cables.

So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. Sure there aren’t many USB 2.

Quake3 and 3DMark respond well to pri2 new chipset giving us the broad impression that most OpenGL and Direct3D game performance will increase. As you are about to see, this seems to do wonders for performance!